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Seeker SSR Series

Seeker SSR Series

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These rods will be acquired from the manufacturer when an order is placed.  Orders place by 10:00 am will often be filled the same day, depending on manufacturer inventory.  You will be updated with an estimated delivery date via email as soon as possible.  Shipping to Huntington Beach, CA and cities within 20 miles will have free shipping, often the same day the order is placed.   Rod shipping is a flat rate of $40.00.

One of the newest line of Seeker Rods, debuted in 2015, is the SSR (Seeker Specialty Rods). Anglers have spoken and Seeker has listened. Six new rods built on new blank designs and two new rods based on bestselling blanks. Anglers targeting Wahoo with jigs and bombs, now have the perfect solution with our SSR 7650 (40-60lb) and SSR 7660 (50-80lb) rods. At 7’6” long, these rods are light, strong, and have the perfect action for setting the hook in these fish that elude so many hooksets. Look no further for a yoyo rod if you are after monster yellowtail. Our 6’6” SSR 6650 (40-60lb) and SSR 6660 (50-80lb) rods offer the angler the leverage and power needed to keep these fish headed in the right direction for a successful catch. Fishermen looking for the right action to throw the big swimbaits, poppers, or irons have two new choices from Seeker as well. The SSR 810 (20-40lb) and the SSR 80H (25-50lb) are both well suited for the job at 8’ long and with a stiffer tip section for heavy baits and irons. All of the SSR rods are built in the USA with the finest components but still offered at great prices. The blanks are hand built using USA made Hexcel fiberglass, carbon fiber, and expert skill on the most advanced rod building equipment in the industry. The mostly blacked out designs are assembled with Fuji reel seats and guides. No other rod line offers the value of Seek- er’s SSR line of rods without compromising the performance you have come to expect from a Seeker Rod.

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